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1) I need cover to start immediately is this possible?
We can arrange cover for you immediately please complete the quotation request and one of our experienced and friendly staff will contact you to discuss the premium and arrange cover.

2) How can I pay for my policy?
We can accept payment by cash, cheques, debit or credit card either in full or by instalments through the branch over a maximum of 4 months or on a direct debit facility which can be split over 10 months.

3) Can you explain what an excess is?
An excess is the first part of the claim that is to be met by the policyholder.

4) How can I make a claim?
Please refer to the "How to make a claim" section of the website.

5) What happens if I change my car?
You can do a change of vehicle with your current insurer and the premium will be calculated on a pro-rata basis and the additional or return premium being payable.

6) Am I covered to drive someone else's car?
This cover is provided by insurers to allow you to drive somebody else's car third party only and will be shown on your certificate of insurance if this is applicable to you. This is not something that can be purchased from the insurer.

7) I have been driving on a company car, can I have a no claims bonus?
If you have been driving on a company car and can provide proof of this we can arrange for a no claims bonus be given to you as an introductory bonus for the length of time you have been claim free whilst driving your company car.

8) I have been a named driver on somebody else's policy, can I have a no claims bonus?
If you have been driving on somebody else's policy and can provide evidence of this we can arrange for a no claims bonus be given to you for the length of time you have been on the policy claim free as an introductory discount.

9) Do I need to tell you if my car has been modified?
Yes all modifications need to be advised to use whether that is alloy wheels or engine tuning, they are all relevant.

10) How can I contact you?
Please refer to the contact us page of the website or complete an enquiry form at the end of each section.

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